In the last few years tactical scenarios have changed significantly. More and more conflicts are nowadays placed in urban areas rather than in open field ones. As a consequence the requirements to support classical open field operations are sensibly different from those needed in military operations in urban terrain. The urban environment is significantly different that the utility of conventional sensing and communication platforms is rendered problematic.
The objective of WINLAS is to analyze and demonstrate how the environment perception can be improved by using new technologies (i.e. sensor networking and data management) in order to manage a big number of heterogeneous sensors placed in an urban environment. In addition, the project will investigate how the situational awareness of forces can be improved and how mission effectiveness is affected.

The high-level goal of SECREDAS is to develop software for validating architecting methodologies, reference architectures, components and suitable integration, as well as verification approaches for automated systems in different domains. These will combine high security and privacy protection while preserving functional-safety and operational performance. Read more